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In order to adapt to the company's long-term development, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture and publicity requirements, in accordance with the "simple, easy to use, visual atmosphere," the principle of a new TWT design based on the company's website, is committed to providing safe products more and more perfect product solutions for Industry users.

The new version of the site, the perfect fusion of part of the original site, but also on the company's main functional modules and the contents of the re planning and layout, form, function, operation and maintenance and the innovation and improvement; at the same time provides a rich and practical navigation and entrance, so that the first time to identify and locate demand.

The official website of the company was formally launched on December 16, 2016, the site after the site's revised version of the same address:

The new website continues to improve, welcome the masses of customers and distributors through online feedback valuable comments and suggestions, we can also call the unified national service hotline 400-626-6767 valuable advice, so that we can do better, thank you!

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